The Best Time To Buy A Car

There really is no ‘best’ time to buy a car but when it comes to buying one, there are a lot of factors that are involved in the whole process, including choosing when to go for it. Getting a great deal on a new car or even a used car often depends on the time of year you buy it. Keeping an eye on the calendar can really help when it comes to timing the purchase correctly as there are seasonal factors that affect the car trade for which you can take advantage.

It may sound crazy but the time of year you choose to purchase your new car really does matter. You could save yourself thousands of pounds if you choose to buy in February or August. Some car dealers offer some real bargains in these month as sales are slower. This is due to new number plates being released in March and September. If you take advantage of this sales lull, your number plates will make you seem like your car is older than it is and depreciate faster. June and December are also good times to go and make that key purchase as dealers are more keen to hit quarterly sales targets.

If you’re purchasing your car from Honda car dealers online, you’ll be able to find out when newer models or souped up existing models are due out. That way, dealers who want to shift the stock will be more likely to offer you a good deal. Convertibles are also more desirable in the summer so the winter is a good time to hunt for a bargain if you want a nifty little sport car. Buying a car with four wheel drive should be done in the summer time as demand peaks in the late Autumn and winter because of the poorer weather.

It’s all about knowing your timings when it comes to buying a car. The better you time it, the more money you could potentially save. Not many people know it’s as easy as choosing winter or summer for your car preferences. You can also be guaranteed that showrooms tend to dip toward being quieter on weekdays rather than Saturday mornings. Dealers will be keen to meet weekly targets and this gives you double the advantage when bargaining. When you decide that you want a newer model, it’s best to wait a couple of months after the model is released as there will less buzz in the showroom.

All these little tips and tricks may seem like a great way to put off your car purchase, but it is in fact one of the best ways you can improve the cost of the car you choose. You can also choose to wait to have the entire cost of the car before you go ahead and start setting up appointments. This way, you can avoid any finance contract commitments.