How to Properly Install Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers play a significant role in creating better performance for several vehicles. This, however, may not be considered a must because cars may not fully require wheel spacers. Moreover, lots of drivers may be allured because of some effects that this could have on your car’s performance. The installation of wheel spacers should be done by professionals to make sure better quality and proper installation is assured. But for starters, if you wanted to learn it all by yourself, you can go and check out the following steps on how to properly install wheel spacers.

What you are going to prepare are the following:

Torque wrench, Wire brush, Gloves, Automotive Jack, Degreaser, Tire breaker bar with sockets, Jack Stand, Shop Rag, Wheel spacers, Screw Driver

Make sure to install the correct and compatible wheel spacers for your vehicle


It is very important to double check the wheel spacer that you have at home to make sure that you will have the correct one to be installed to your vehicle. Also, see to it that these are designed or made compatible to have a snug or proper fit on your vehicle. Wheel spacer comes with studs and screws. Better remove them individually and set aside.


Mounting of the centre ring

When mounting the centre ring, you have to make use of the wire brush, gunk and clean rust. There are different set ups for the wheel spacers depending on the manufacturer’s packaging. In the event that you got on hand is already the separated centre ring ones, you definitely need to use a mallot. Doing this will secure the mounting. It would be best to put on some grease when installing to have a smooth mounting.

Mounting of the Rear Spacer

Utilizing the same principle as with the mounting of the centre ring; however, after the installation of the rear spacer, make sure to have the five nuts installed properly onto the factory studs creating a star pattern making sure that the installation is tight enough and secured.

Additional Step before the front spacer are installed

Before you proceed, take a look at the left part of the wheel spacer. You will notice a 12mm bolt on the rotor. Remove it and set aside for later use. Afterwards, do the mounting of the torque and wheels to the specs assuring a better installation.

Bracing of the rotors

With the use of a screw driver, it would be best to brace the rotors onto the factory hub when you are about to tight up the spacer. After which, make sure that every parts and screws are tightly and properly fit and installed to make sure that everything falls into place assuring a safe and better bracing.

Take note, not all spacers come with the same parts and how they look like. It definitely differs depending on the company that they are manufactured. In the event that you would want to view more, you can check it out at